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Dillaro Salim

Yoga classes in Twickenham, Middlesex, Greater London

Why Exercise with us?

Dillaro Salim is a Senior Yoga Teacher . Everybody is welcome even complete beginners. Small group classes are held in Twickenham area. Each person will get individual attention from experienced teacher, who will guide you through thoughtfully designed sequence. It is energising and strong class with emphasise on body engagement, breath awareness and energy flaw. This form of Yoga was founded by Y... ogi Ashokananda and has it's origins from the very authentic Hatha Yoga tradition. Each participants will gradually learn safe sequence which he can practice everyday out of class. You can find this class challenging and invigorating if you are improver or intermediate practitioner as well.

Regular practice will help you to strengthen and improve flexibility of your body, release tension and bring more stability and clarity to your mind.

Level of preparation: beginner/improvers
Insured By: Balens Ltd Specialist Insurance Brokers

Insured By: Balens Ltd Specialist Insurance Brokers

Call  0330 122 4572